Digital Domain Hiring Mid/Senior CFX Artists, Mid / Senior Rigging Artists, Mid / Senior Groom Artists, Mid / Senior Facial Modelers, Mid / Senior Character Modelers, Mid / Senior Facial Tracking Artists, Mid / Senior LookDev Artist and Mid / Senior Unreal Engine Engineers – US

Want to join one of these exciting teams at Digital Domain?

We are actively searching for talented individuals in the following fields:

Mid/Senior CFX Artists (LA/Vancouver/Montreal)
Mid/Senior Rigging Artists (LA/Vancouver/Montreal)
Mid/Senior Groom Artists (LA/Vancouver/Montreal)
Mid/Senior Facial Modelers (LA/Vancouver)
Mid/Senior Character Modelers – Specializing in digi-doubles (Vancouver/Montreal)
Mid/Senior Facial Tracking Artists (LA/Vancouver)
Mid/Senior LookDev Artist – Lighting (Vancouver)
Mid/Senior Unreal Engine Engineers (LA)

*You must be in US/Canada at the time of application.

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This job has expired.